Top 10 List of Staging To-Dos:

Staging by definition can mean cleaning, replacing appliances, painting, new flooring, changing a door out, adding or deleting furniture and much more. According to NAR (National association of Realtors) the cost of staging your home usually costs less than your first price reduction!


1. Deep Clean: Hire a cleaner if necessary, tackle odors, get into the nooks and crannies.

2. Declutter: Hire a company if necessary, hauling off unwanted items.

3. Touch up all peeling paint: Eaves, soffits, window trim, decks etc. (peeling paint is a financing obstacle with many loan products)

4. Interior Paint Refresh: If you feel it needs touchup it probably does. Neutral colors are best.

5. Roof/Leaks: Correct any water intrusion issues. (older curling roofing is a financing obstacle with many loan products)

6. Pre-sale inspections: General inspection, septic inspection, water test, pump your septic tank.

7. Electricians visit: – GFCI outlet replacements, knob & tube wiring removal, improper breakers.

8. Plumbing/Heating visit:  Annual furnace maintenance, minor nagging leaks.

9. Cosmetic & Home repairs:  Windows, doors, handles, water stains, get everything working.

10. Replacements & Staging: Newer appliances, landscaping and yard cleanup, curb appeal projects, flooring and staging items.