Steps To Buying A Home / Buyers Survey

Finding your dream home should be fun

We’ve all seen the HGTV shows, scanned the pictures online and driven by houses we wished were our own. Now it’s time you put yourself in the action. The home buying process can be fun and enjoyable when you have the right partner for the job! 


When we represent a buyer, we have your best interests at heart. Whether your buying a $100,000 home or a $1,000,000 home you will get our full attention. We believe it’s our job to not only find you the perfect home, but also to educate you throughout the entire process so you know you’re making the best short and long term financial decisions.  For most people, buying a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make and it’s our job to make sure you not only get a great home, but get it for a great price. 


The steps below represents the steps and process of buying a home. After reviewing the steps please fill out our form and give us a little information about you and what you’re looking for. 


Step 1: Find a Realtor

Step 2: Get Pre-approved for a mortgage

Step 3: Start house hunting with your Realtor

Step 4: Make an offer

Step 5: Understand your “Purchase & Sale Agreement”

Step 6: Bring in your “Earnest Money Deposit”

Step 7: Interview and schedule a “Home Inspection”

Step 8: Review inspection report with your Realtor

Step 9: Keep in touch with your mortgage provider

Step 10: Don’t spend extra money

Step 11: Fill out settlement information for the title attorney

Step 12: Its time for the home appraisal

Step 13: Hire movers and start packing

Step 14: Set up home owners insurance

Step 15: Set up new utilities

Step 16: Get your down payment ready

Step 17: Do you want a home warranty

Step 18: Attend the walk-through

Step 19: Get your bank check or order wire transfer

Step 20: Attend the closing


If you have any questions regarding this process or any individual steps please reach out to us.